What is my level? What pieces can I play?

These are two questions that jump with the desire to want to touch something new. When we don’t have a person to guide us, it’s not always easy to know what’s next. Here are some tips that may help you find the answers. 1. Your abilities: know them, accept them, and go for more! You know better than anyone what your technical skills are in the execution of your instrument. Perhaps you have skill in reading, making scales, double stops,…

How to search music scores on the Internet

The Internet is a huge library; getting lost or “beat around the bush” is easy. So here are these tips for searching sheet music as accurately as possible. Keep in mind that, contrary to popular belief, not everything is found on the Internet. It is possible to find a lot of information (useful or useless, it’s up to everyone), but it can be frustrating or disappointing if the score you are looking for cannot be found; it may not exist….

Websites with music scores of Anime

Here, three very interesting sites with scores from Japanese animation series. I can imagine there are other places to download sheet music, but all three I put here are free. Ichigo’s Sheet Music Josh’s anime sheet music collection Animenz Piano sheets What is your favorite place to get anime scores? Do you know of any other site that allows you to download anime scores for free?

Websites with scores of “classical music”

There is a phrase that I have often heard in the use of information on the Internet and I find it very good: «The Internet is a library without a librarian». Words more, words less. We can find all kinds of information and we must know how to discern. To find scores it is hardly necessary to use a search engine and place keywords. But we will talk about it calmly in another post. For now, here I will suggest…

Study Music at Home

Tips for studying music at home For mothers and fathers I have already written Three notes to parents with a child or children who learn to play a musical instrument that I recommend reading before continuing. For people who study music, these are my suggestions: Find who inspires you to learn. If we define self-taught as a person who learns without the need for someone to instruct oneself, study at home may not lead to any profit advance in a…