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There is a phrase that I have often heard in the use of information on the Internet and I find it very good: «The Internet is a library without a librarian». Words more, words less. We can find all kinds of information and we must know how to discern.

To find scores it is hardly necessary to use a search engine and place keywords. But we will talk about it calmly in another post. For now, here I will suggest four very useful sites from which you can download sheet music for “classical music” for free. These are true libraries with librarians.

I want to highlight two important things:

  1. I am almost certain that there are many more “libraries with librarian” sites. I heard about some sites who charge some amount to get the scores; I don’t put them on this list because I don’t know them.
  2. Of the four, El Atril is in Spanish, so I will put the direct link to the scores on the site, but the names of the composers do not vary, and the instruments are called almost the same. The language will not be a limitation for you to find sheet music.

Without further ado, here are the links.

El Atril

International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP / Proyecto Biblioteca Internacional de Partituras Musicales)

Mutopia project (Proyecto Mutopía)

Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL / Biblioteca Coral de Dominio Público)

What is your favorite place to get classical music scores?
Do you know of any other site that allows you to download classical music scores for free?

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