About me

Hello! I am Fermín, violist musician.

I began my musical studies with the support of my family and my first teachers: Alicia Swords, Alban Usatch, Rie Watanabe, Alexis Diaz, Pedro “Sangeet” Wood and Rafael Nava Curto. I graduated from university (UNICACH) studying viola with professor Noelia Gómez González. I received masterclass of viola and chamber music with Elías Morales Cariño, Rocío Orozco, Ludovica Mosca, Laura Esnaola, Luis Llácer, Brendan Conway, Peter Schmidt, Vladan Kočí, Cyrille Purro, Germán Bringas and Roberto Peña Sommer. In theoretical subjects I had the support of Félix Rodriguez, Pilla Piano, Ciro Liberato, Claudia Herrerías, Salatiel Cruz, Bulmaro Ruiz, Sven Merzbach and Douglas Bringas.

I participated in the UNICACH Symphony Orchestra, being director Rafael Nava Curto (2007-2009). I have collaborated on art projects by pianist Alexis Díaz López and saxophonist Pedro Wood (2007-2010), in the “San Cristobal de Las Casas Youth Orchestra” (2012-2013) under the direction of Alexis, and I was a founding member of the UNICACH String Camerata (2010-2014). Also I joined to science workshops, a diploma in education at Educreando (2009) and the Pedagogy Workshop of the teacher Rie Watanabe (2018).

In August 2015 I participated as a guest musician on the staging of “Fragments of a foggy day” (Fragmentos de un día de niebla in spanish), by Actress and Director Alicia Zarate.

At the moment I participate in different musical groups like violist and/or violinist in social and cultural diffusion events. In addition, I give violin and viola lessons to children at the Music Initiation Center of the School of Music of UNICACH.

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